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This is the least populated territory in Peru, with only 600,000 people living in its 80,000 kM2 (30,880 sq miles) of jungle area. Its capital Is a riverside city known as Puerto Maldonado with 25, 000 Inhabitants.

Gold panning on the Tampobamba and Madre de Dios rivers, and the latex boom at the end of the past century, determined the foundation of the city of Puerto Maldonado., Today, Madre de Dios, the old Inca Antisuyo, is still what It has been -for centuries- for all adventure lovers: a virgin and frontier land full of mysteries.

Due to the fact that Its virgin forest covers 98% of the territory, Madre de Dios has the most varied bio-diversity of the world.

Puerto Maldonado is one of the most important cities of the Southern jungle. It sits on the banks of the Madre de Dios river, which connects it with Rivera Alto in Bolivia (a 5-hour trip to the border, by river) and with Assis, in Brazil (242 km/150 miles),

The department's capital is a dynamic, young and bustling frontier city. The main economic activities are forestry and gold panning, although farming and the ecological tourism are being developed.

The Manu, Tambopata-Candamo and Pampas de Heath reserves cover 3'500,000 jungle hectares (8'645,000 acres), the largest and richest blo-diversity of the world. They keep unique flora and fauna species, impossible to find elsewhere, including 2,500 flower varieties, more than 1,000 birds (10% of the world's species,) 900 butterfly species and more than 20 kinds of monkeys.

Near Puerto Maldonado, there are several attractions such as the Sandoval and Valencia lakes, next to the Bolivian border (by river, 4 hours from the city), These wonderful places give the tourist the opportunity to fish, be close to nature, and be in contact with native communities.

There are several lodges which offer very Interesting eco-touristic services. These lodges, although rustic, are suited to provide the vlsitors' requirements. There is also a private Investigation center In the area.

The weather is cold and dry In the highlands, warm In the valleys, cold and humid In the cloudy forest and, warm and humid In the lower jungle. The rainy or 'winter" season runs from December to March, and the summer or dry season (ideal for tourism), from April to November.

Puerto Maldonado, Manu Peru Reserve Ecological


Puerto Maldonado, Manu Peru Reserve Ecological


Puerto Maldonado, Manu Peru Reserve Ecological



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